Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Rice University: Applied Econometrics for Energy Markets (G), Energy Economics (G), Political Economy of Oil and Gas (G), Transportation Economics (G).

Teaching Assistant, Duke University: Advanced Microeconomic Analysis (G).

Teaching Assistant, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela): Calculus (U), Statistical Inference (U), General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics (U).

Instructor, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Venezuela): Microeconomics IV (U), Fall 2014. Industrial Organization (G), Fall 2013. Microeconomics I (U), Fall 2010.

Guest Lecturer, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (Venezuela): Microeconomics (G), Spring 2014 – Spring 2016. Analysis of the Oil Sector (G): Fall 2014 – Spring 2016.

Professional Experience

External Director, Grupo Zuliano (Investment Fund focused on Petrochemicals) 2015-2018.

Consultant. Inter American Development Bank, Venezuela, September 2014 – September 2015 / May 2020 - October 2020

Adjunct Professor, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA, Venezuela), since June 2016.

Peer Reviewer, National Resource Governance Institute, July 2016 – September 2016.

Adjunct Director, International Center for Energy and Environment, (IESA, Venezuela), Aug-2013-May 2016.

Consultant. ACCS Consultores, Venezuela, 2013-2016.

Financial Advisor, Mercantil Servicios Financieros, Venezuela, May 2009 – June 2011.

Strategic Planning Analyst, Mercantil Servicios Financieros, Venezuela, May 2007 – May 2009.