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Media Mentions

Baker Institute Webinar on the role of auction design, fiscal and contractual framework on the development of the oil and gas sector in Latin America, as part of a series with Graduate Students with the Center for Energy Studies.

Together with Peter Hartley (Professor at the Economics Department at Rice University and Fellow at the Center for Energy Studies) and Francisco Monaldi (Director of the Latin America Energy Program at the Center for Energy Studies).

Presentation of a report discussing the proposed reforms for the hydrocarbons sector in Venezuela, organized by Chatham House.

Together with Jose La Rosa Reyes (Center for Energy Studies, Rice University), Luisa Palacios (Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University), Andrés Rozental, (Founding President, Mexican Council on Foreign Relations; Senior Adviser, Chatham House), Nick Norton, (UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) and Valérie Marcel, (Chatham House)